So how did ST come about?

ST by Estie Lifshitz

Fashion, as well as any form of art is about expression. I feel that in fashion I am not only an artist of an object but an artist of the body.

Yet there are two ways to understand fashion. The first one is to take the beauty of the body for granted, and to let the fabric to reveal this beauty, or to let the fabric reflect the beauty of the body and to decorate it.
I prefer the latter. For me, the fabric wrapping the body is like a paper wrapping a present. The less it reveals the more we want to open it.

When I was in twelfth grade I was debating what to learn. I went to my Grandfather who is a Graphologist and psychologist, Rav Chaim Lifshitz ZT"L, and he recommended that I should learn Fashion. I took a course that year in Studio A in fashion. At the end of the year I got some orders for dresses and that's where it started.

When I graduated, I wanted to learn art and Fashion design. 
I studied fashion in Shenkar, and when I finished my education I opened up a studio In Jerusalem with a partner.
We started up selling to designer boutiques.

At the moment, I sell to stores in Israel and in the U.S.